Grange Community Fund

The Grange Community Fund is a fund that has been established to support the communities local to the windfarms. Ideally, the Fund aims to support projects that improve the local community; anything which promotes the economic, social or environmental sustainability of the local area.


What is the benefit:

The benefit size is £24,000 less admin fees per year. If there are any funds left over, these will be rolled over to the following year.


Who can apply and benefit:

Organisations and people who can benefit are:

  • Social enterprises
  • Charities
  • Local community groups

Community council areas that can benefit are:

  • Flixborough
  • Burton upon Stather


How much funding can be applied for?

The minimum award is £250. The maximum award figure is £5,000, however, in exceptional circumstances, this may be increased for larger projects applications.


How do you apply?

Before you apply, please read the Fund Criteria.
You can make an application to the fund at any time.The application form can be completed online or with this editable PDF version.

Grange Community Fund