Cour Community Fund

Eligible areas: East Kintyre, West Kintyre, Skipness & Tarbert

The Cour Community Fund is a fund that has been established to support the communities local to the wind farms. Ideally, the Fund aims to support projects that improve the local community; anything which promotes the economic, social or environmental sustainability of the local area.

The Fund is currently open for new applications until the 8th of April 2024.

What is the benefit?

The benefit size is £102,500 less admin fees per year. If there are any funds left over, these will be rolled over to the following year.

Who can apply and benefit?

Social enterprises, charities, local community groups, voluntary organisations.

How much funding can be applied for?

The minimum award is £250. The maximum award figure is £50,000, however, in exceptional circumstances, this may be increased for larger projects applications.

The Fund will support up to 90% of the overall project costs (e.g. if your overall project cost is £1000, the fund may support up to £900 of this by the grant).

How do you apply?

The fund will be open twice annually for applications, you can apply at the bottom of the criteria page, link below:

List of all grants

Cour Community Fund – criteria

Social enterprises, charities, local community groups