Beinneun Scholarship winners

Twelve students were successful in their applications for the 2021 Beinneun Scholarship, each receiving £750 to support their pursuit of further education.

Jamie Walker – BA (Hons) in History and Religion

Over the years, the Beinneun Student Scholarship has been very beneficial for my studies and student lifestyle. It has provided me with a safety net when paying for my accommodation and utility costs, helped pay for tech and stationary equipment, and, very importantly, it has allowed me to afford to travel back to my hometown in the Highlands. This year, as Covid-19 restrictions cease, I will be expected to travel to university far more frequently which can be expensive. I also wish to visit home often since I have spent much time away. These funds will help me pay for this travelling and will also support my current living costs so that after graduation I will be in a stronger financial position for the future.

Rebecca Johnstone – BA in Business Studies & Marketing

This scholarship will be a real boost in helping me through my studies at university. It will help me to pay some of my accommodation and to buy the necessary books for my course, which I would have otherwise not been able to do.

Heather Witney – BA (Hons) in Equine Business Management

I’m so grateful for Fern Community Funds as this scholarship has allowed me to take a step towards my future into the world of work that I wanted to do.

Charlie Holden – NC Engineering Practice Level 5

I am grateful for the scholarship, as this will allow me to complete my course while still remaining at home and working part time locally so that I can still provide and care for my daughter.  I am hoping to complete my studies and gain an apprenticeship in the local area so that I can remain here.

Katie Walker – BSc in Mental Health Nursing

The scholarship is fantastic and I’m sure all the local students who have received it are delighted. It has enabled me to buy my first laptop which will be very important for studying. It will also help me with travel costs to visit home.

Daisy Clark – Highers and Intermediate 2 Programme

This will help me travel to and from my courses, which I hope will take me into further education to become a teacher.

Fergus Fraser – Fashion Design and Manufacture

The Fern Community Scholarship has greatly helped with my studies as it has contributed towards paying the cost of my accommodation in Glasgow where I attend College.

Jade Anderson – BSc in Applied Psychology

This scholarship will help me in furthering my education as I will be able to buy new supplies and a laptop for the year ahead. It will also help towards my accommodation for the term and transport to and from university as there will hopefully be in person teaching this year!

Mungo Blakey – MA in Financial Economics

This scholarship will help me by lowering the cost of my University accommodation and allowing me to purchase several books that give me a great introduction to my course and set me up for a great start to academic life.

Ronan Blakey – LLB Scots Law

I am very grateful for this scholarship as it will allow me to give my full attention to my studies at university, and not worry about my finances.

Muirin MacDonald – BSc in Nursing

I am really grateful for this scholarship as it is helping me buy books and for accommodation for placement to help me become a qualified nurse.

Amanda Anderson – BA (Hons) in Health and Social Studies

Truly grateful for this fund as it has helped to enable my pathway to study and give something back to the local and surrounding communities.  I will use the scholarship funds to cover my chromebook and pay for core items; namely books as well as contribute towards travel.