Beinneun Student Scholarship

The Beinneun Community Fund hopes to support a number of student scholarships within a calendar year.

The scholarships are for students of all ages who live in Fort Augustus, Glenmoriston & Glengarry

What the scholarship will supportWhat the scholarship does not support
Course feesGeneral living costs
Travel costsEnvironmentally damaging or unsustainable activities
Accommodation when attending coursesTravel abroad
Equipment required to studyVehicle purchase
Tutor costsRetrospective awards

The details

You must supply proof of place on your course and how you are connected to the Beinneun catchment area.

The maximum Scholarship award is £750 per application per calendar year and four scholarship payments can be made per applicant over the lifetime of the fund.

Although the Scholarship is not means tested, preference will be given to those applicants who can evidence real financial need for the funds.

If you under 18 then please get a parent, guardian, lecturer or your teacher to support your application with their signature and a brief statement.

If you have any questions about funds or eligibility then please do contact us to find out here


The scholarship application process is currently closed. The scheme will re-open in August 2024.

Please note: Any additional supporting documents which we might need to progress your application are detailed within the application form.

Online application form

Contact us if you would like us to send out an application form