Student Scholarship: Jamie Walker

Jamie Walker has been awarded one of the student Scholarships for 2019 from Beinneun Windfarm Ltd S

Jamie will receive a payment of £750 towards his studies at the University of Stirling where he is studying History.

“My course is on history but for first and second year I am given the chance to study two other modules along with a history module which changes topic each semester. For example, right now I’m studying ‘Concepts of History’ as my history module along with a religion and a psychology module too, which are great opportunities to expand my learning and experience other fields of study.”

“As of the moment, my plans for the future and what to do with my degree are still a little vague, but thankfully next year I’ll be able to take an ‘Arts and Humanities Career Launch Pad’ module which will allow me to explore the industries of leisure and tourism. I am fairly confident I’d like to enter the fields of heritage and tourism, given that industry’s importance to the area I am from and also because I find it fascinating and a great way to travel and explore Scotland, and potentially abroad too.”

“Teaching is also a considerable option for me given that many of my family are involved in teaching and I’m also aware of the growing need for teachers in the Highland area which I am from.”

“This grant will be very helpful for me because of how expensive it is to be a student living away from home nowadays. Things like rent, food, socialising, study resources and, particularly in my case, travel costs, seem very expensive. I live around four hours away by train and bus from Fort Augustus which costs about £45 for fares.”